We learn from one another’s stories.

Every week Terces promises to  break her heart wide open letting some of the wisdom she’s learned through her 36 year journey of recovery from twenty years of addiction (an eating disorder) pour out, to gratitude as a place we come from, not get to. This show inspires, encourages and helps us all seek a deeper meaning in our day to day lives.

Her new book, Unreasonably Grateful releases for sale on September 9th. 


A big heartfelt thank you to MaMuse music

for their kindness and generosity in partnering with me on this journey. Create some time to listen to their music and let it sink in, your heart will open and you will find yourself smiling as you breathe in more love and embrace your life with joy.
You can listen to them here and find the lyrics to their song Glorious (and the theme music to my podcast) below


Oh what a day! Glorious!
Gather ’round
There’s nothing better
Than a friend
Oh what a day! Glorious!
The smell of rain
Has hitched a ride
Upon the wind
I’ve got good friends
To the left of me
And good friends
To my right
Got the open sky above me
And the earth beneath my feet
Got a feeling in my heart
That’s singin’
All in life is sweet
Oh what a day!
Oh, what a day! Glorious!
All the clouds
Have gathered round
The tops of trees
Oh what a day! Glorious!
Pitter patter
Fallin’ rain I can’t believe
All that’s green
Lifts up its leaves
Singin’ water come on in
We’ve been waiting all these days
Prayin’ you would come to quench
Every yearnin’ in our bones
Water, life with you begins
Oh what a day
Home is believing
Home has wings of faith
Home is a clear river
Of perceiving
All is…